When we look in nature we can see so many colors. Yet we often shy away from color when it comes to decorating our homes. Don’t let your neutral world become monotonous. Enhance your space with a pop of color to refresh your energy and spirit. Delight in layers of whimsical, happy, colorful art.

Do you have a wall that just begs for something playful and full of color?  My process only allows for one of a kind pieces. Each one is a combination of printmaking and painting that build up to create complex layers that cannot be duplicated. You can enjoy delighting in your own original piece knowing that there will not be another exactly like it.


Latest Collection

Mixed Media

While taking a printmaking class during my last year in art school, I fell in love with the process of making mono prints. At that time the process consisted of using oil paints to create an image on a piece of mylar (thin sturdy plastic) and then running it through a press with damp cotton paper on top. The images had a unique almost transparent quality and were one of a kind, they could not be reprinted over and over like with a wood cut block. When I finished school, access to a press had ceased so my love for this technique would lay dormant until I discovered the gel plate.

One evening I happened upon a video demonstration of this gel plate and was completely excited. This product claimed you could print without a press. I could finally return to creating mono prints like I did in school. My process with mono printing has grown as I experimented with techniques, paint consistencies, and paper thicknesses. The images that emerge as the layers build up, always delight me. The option to create my own stencils and use found objects to give texture leads to unique one of a kind pieces. The variety of acrylic paints now available on the market allow for vibrant beautiful colors.

“I love this piece. It was a gift for my mother who loves birds and fall colors. It was perfect!! I even bought some other prints for myself!”

Cari Presley

“I have known Tracy for years and her artwork always inspired me. This piece of art is no different. It sings to me. It reminds me of a beach at sunset. I have it in the hallway where it’s the first thing to greet me when I come home. A little piece of paradise. I am proud to have Tracy Thompson art original in my home.” 

Kim Williams

Just Right!

 You don’t have to spend your time going from store to store viewing the same mass produced products. Choose that special piece for a new grandchild to delight in for years to come. Don’t know what to give your graduate that will be decorating a new home or apartment soon?  Combine two or three pieces to start a collection. 


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