In today’s world we are bombarded by negative images and the trials of everyday life. For me this constant negative feed weighs heavy on my heart and can mask the beauty that does exist. I believe beauty can be found in many places when I slow down to notice. I choose to see the colors, textures, and whimsical movement of line and shape in nature. I desire to bring the innocence of childhood eyes and creativity to the principles of my formal art trainings. 

Each day we get to choose what we focus on. I create art as a way to process information, emotions, and my thoughts about the world around me. I feel a deep sense of connection with God my creator, and the beauty of nature.  I also choose to invest in my family by being available to my husband and daughters. As my parenting responsibilities shift however, my studio practice has increased. It gives me much joy to be planted in both these worlds of family and artist. 

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