The Most Recent Commission

Mrs. Dickson wanted some artwork that was special for her living room. She works in a retail store that sells home decor but she wanted something that no one else would have. She also wanted something that was larger in size and decided on two 4ft x 5ft canvases. Next we decided on a color pallet. She requested both a very dark purple and earthy greens be incorporated into the work. Having these parameters of size and color were both helpful in creating small scale sketches. 


My thoughts were to capture the beauty of the area she lives without the certainty of a particular location. So the first sketch was to reflect the fields and streams, often with a winding road, and mountain like background. The second sketch was more about a smaller view, a close up of some rocks and a river near by. Mrs. Dickson was able to have a clear concept of how the larger canvases would look when completed.


She approved of the sketches and agreed on a timeline through a written contract and deposit. I was able to get started.

In order to keep a consistent look, I worked on both paintings at the same time. As you can see they take up most of my studio space. 

In order to reach the dark rich purple color Mrs. Dickson wanted I needed to have some underpainting of green. Adding an underpainting can bring richness and depth that make the top colors come to life. 

Next was collage paper. Using the gelli plate I was able to make paper with colors and designs that I felt would enhance the composition and speak to the client. Piecing and placement took time. I found myself letting the documentation lapse a bit here because I was so focused on the process. 

I reached the completion within the timeline described in our contract. The work has been sealed with a satin varnish for protection and for light cleaning. Everything is ready to be installed in the clients home. 

Finished Work

Title: Progression

Title: Current

On display right where the customer imagined. 

Do you have a place in your home that needs a colorful whimsical touch?

The process of commissioning your own mixed media piece of art is simple

Step 1-contact me so we can discuss and agree on a plan of action

Step 2-approve of a preliminary sketch and contract with timeline 

Step 3-pay 50% deposit to begin the work

Step 4-make final payment at the delivery of your finished work. 

Let’s collaborate to bring something you love into this world!